What are dust mites?

Dust mites need to rely on moisture and suitable temperature to sustain their life, when room temperature reaches 25 degrees, humidity of 55% - 75% of the time, is the best breeding ground for dust mites.

The enzymes in dust mite feces contain extremely high allergens,
it can dissolve proteins in the skin layer or the surface layer of the mucous membrane of the human body and penetrate the mucous membrane or skin to cause sensitivity.

Dust mites are microorganisms belong to arthropod, volume diameter of about 0.02 mm, invisible to the unaided eye. Although it is a close relative of spiders, it is unrelated to any kind of insects; therefore, pesticides have no effect on them.

temperature > 25 ℃

humidity of

The enzymes in dust mite feces contain extremely high allergens

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What is dust mite?

How to reduce dust mite allergens?

In order to effectively reduce dust mite allergens, you must firstly reduce the live dust mites and their fecal particles and avoid contact with these dust mite allergens. Because dust mites strive in warm and high humidity environments, so reducing the indoor humidity below 50 % to effectively control dust mites .

Dust mite cover

Dust mite cover is an effective way to reduce the exposure to allergens.

Because house dust mites mainly live in places such as bedding, pillows, bedsheets, carpets, fur dolls and sofa, the use of microfiber anti-dust mite covers can help reduce the exposure of patients to dust mites. The dust mite allergen (dust mite feces) has a volume diameter of about 7 µm (0.007 mm). In other words, the pinhole diameter of the material selected by MITE PROTEX is 5 µm (micron), which can effectively block dust mite allergens.

As a reminder, not all dust mite covers are equally effective. It is recommended to buy some anti-mite products that have clinical trials and academic studies. Clean dust mite beddings approximately every 4 weeks.

For some items that cannot treated by heat

Such as furry dolls, can be frozen, meaning store them in refrigerator (freezer) at minus Celsius for 24 hours. The dust mites can be frozen to death, and then the body of the dust mites and their feces can be washed away with water as those are water soluble.

Feather pillow

Many people have mistaken that feather pillows are more susceptible to mite sensitivity. Studies have shown that pillows made from latex or other materials are 5-8 times more sensitive than feather pillows and down blankets. Feather pillows tend to have higher quality outer layer which increase the blockage of allergens.

Educational video of setting up anti-mite room


-Carpets are ideal places for dust mites to infest.

Carpets are ideal places for dust mites to infest. When the humidity at home is high, dust mites in carpets can pose a serious problem. There are several chemical materials in the market that claim to be able to eliminate dust mites, but so far, none are proven nor able to effectively reduce carpet dust mites. It is recommended to remove carpets for people who are allergic to dust mites.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are commonly used at home and workplaces. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner with high quality filter. Since the pore size of ordinary filter is larger than 10 µm (0.01mm), the dust mite and feces (0.007mm) can pass through which cause these allergens to return in the air. High quality filter which can filter particles below 1µm (0.001 mm) can effectively block and trap these allergens.

Dust mite desensitization therapy

Desensitization treatment has significant efficacy towards the following allergic conditions:

  • Allergic rhinitis

  • Allergic asthma

  • Allergic conjunctivitis (eye sensitive)

Desensitization treatment also improves the following allergic condition:

  • Allergic dermatitis

More and more researches indicate that early desensitization treatment can reduce the chance of asthma in children. Desensitization treatment is also effective for patient with eczema and recurrent otitis media. Some children with atopic dermatitis who did not receive treatment may lead to allergic asthma in the future.

There is a specific concentration of allergens in sublingual immune therapy which helps patients to gradually establish immunity. After a period of immunotherapy, patients ’allergic reaction will be greatly reduced. In other countries, especially in Europe, sublingual immunotherapy is becoming more common. More than 50 placebo controlled clinical studies have been published in medical journals.

The sublingual immunotherapy only requires an intake of desensitization solution once a day. Patients can take the medication at home without visiting their physicians.