The only anti-mite bedding proven by clinical research and scientific research to be
effective for the following people:

  • Patients with allergic eczema, allergic asthma, or allergic rhinitis
  • Keep away from dust mites, especially living in hot and humid areas
    ( Hong Kong, Macau , South China )
  • Improve sleep quality

Because house dust mites mainly live in places such as bedding, pillows, bedsheets, carpets, stuffed toys and sofa, the use of anti-dust mite covers is an effective way to reduce the exposure of patients to dust mites. The dust mite allergen is about 0.007 mm in diameter. In other words, the pore size diameter of the microfiber material selected by MITE PROTEX is about 0.005 mm, which can effectively block both dust mite and respective dust mite allergen.

The principle of anti-mite beding is high needle count knitting, so the texture is very smooth, no plastic and chemical ingredients are used, and can be cleaned about once a month. The beddings can cleaner by machine wash and tumble dry.

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Block dust mite

High efficiency microfiber

Breathable and comfortable

Washing machine and dryer useable

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How does Mite Protex achieve the anti-mite function?

Media neutral report on Mite Protex

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Mite cannot penetrate through the MITE PRO Material

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Dust mite magnification

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What is dust mite?

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Steps to build your own anti-mite room

Mite Pro Instruction

Easy to clean

  • Wash before use
  • Wash at least once a month
  • Hand or machine washable
  • Warm water is preferable
  • Ironing and bleach are not allowed
  • Do not puncture / sewing any part of the bedding
  • Can be used continuously for 3 years